Submission Guidelines

We understand that you have an idea, which may be part of interest to PKMM Entertainment (PKMM). While PKMM is anxious to explore every opportunity to improve and expand its creative catalog and production involvement, we have found certain precautions necessary in receiving unsolicited ideas. Therefore, PKMM will receive and consider submitted ideas and suggestions only if the submitter is willing to agree that the submission of ideas shall be subject to the following:

1. OWNER OF IDEA/CONTENT: PKMM will only accept submitted material that is embodied in written form. PKMM will consider your submission only at your request and only with your assurance that to the best of your knowledge, you are the sole orig-inator of the idea and that you have a legal right to sub-mit it to PKMM for evaluation.

2. DISCLOSURE NOT CONFIDENTIAL: You acknowledge that PKMM may disclose the idea to its employees, and possibily others, to determine the idea's value to PKMM. It is understood that no confidential relationship is entered into by reason of the consideration of your submission to PKMM, or by reason of any oral discussions between PKMM and you.

3. CONCEPTION BY CARTEL: PKMM may already be exploring ideas generated by employees or other outside sources that resemble your submission. In some cases, your idea may have been considered by PKMM in the past, or similiar or identical ideas may be generated independently. Accordingly, you hereby waive any claim that PKMM misappropriated any ideas or portions of your submission in any activities in which PKMM may engage in the future.

4. SUBMISSION NOT RETURNED: PKMM will not return submitted material. You should keep a duplicate of any material submitted, as well as a copy of this release. Do not send any materials you consider irreplaceable.

5. NO PREJUDICE: Any consideration of the submitted idea or negotiations to purchase same does not waive PKMM's right to contest the validity of your copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights.

6. NO COMPENSATION: No agreement for compensation shall be implied from PKMM's consideration or review of your submitted idea. However, should PKMM elect to use any portion of your idea that is legally protectable, you and PKMM shall negotiate an appropriate agreement in good faith.

7. MODIFICATION: The foregoing conditions may not be modified or waived except in writing by an officer of PKMM.

8. BLANKET RELEASE FORM: Signing the release will hereby apply to all current as well as future creative submissions.

When submitting to PKMM Entertainment.

  • You are at least 18 years or age or have a parent or guardian signature.
  • Download and sign Submission form.
  • Include the submission file signed within the zip file.
  • The zip filename should also include your name or company name.
  • Filenames included within the zip should have your name or company name as part of each file that is included.
  • Please include a brief or pitch consisting of a single page of your story.
  • The total zip file size should be below 50MB in size.

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